She Stayed As Steam

by Kevin Devine



She Stayed As Steam features two previously unreleased tracks that were recorded by Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band during the “Brother’s Blood” sessions. Though ‘She Stayed As Steam’ and ‘Big Bad Man’ did not make it onto “Brother’s Blood” they were never really considered throw-aways or B-sides but instead they were held onto until the time seemed right.

The EP also includes two remixes of tracks from “Brother’s Blood”. In addition the vinyl version (released by These Are Not Records) includes two live acoustic radio performances that are exclusive to the vinyl release.


released June 29, 2010



all rights reserved


Kevin Devine New York


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Track Name: She Stayed As Steam
All that music in your mouth
Rivers rushing to your teeth
Cresting waves through waiting valleys
Flooded language tributaries
Connect and cover over me
Tensing jaw and corkscrew eyelids
As if you couldn’t bear to see
All that water roaring from you
Collect in clouds inside the ballroom
Over people who don’t know you
But darling, I do

Trance yourself back from the city
Blood not moving to my feet
Your footfalls tentative and muffled
Automatic listless shuffle
You sidewalk scatterbrained, cry uncle
Paint yourself back in your corner
Look for her on your tv
It’s Friday night and I am hungry
For a hand a mouth a body
A love I wouldn’t have to carry

A stitch in my mouth
I’m untying now
A concrete canal
In a bombed border town
An echo in the rafters
Reminding you there was a sound
You killed her in waves
So she stayed as steam
To hiss at you now

Yes, you killed her in waves
But no, that’s not today
So you breathe through your mouth
You calm yourself down
And keep what you found
And shouted out loud:
She can hover in hurt
Or dissolve to dirt
Some prayer in your mouth
Or she might stay as steam
Soak into the beams
Let you figure her out
Track Name: Big Bad Man
I was a big, bad man
I picked at you like cotton candy
I talked my talk, made you feel lucky
Then broke your heart when I was ready
Yeah, I was a big, bad man

See, I strummed my slow, sad song
And I felt your lashes flutter for me
I let my smile spread out sneaky
My Cheshire cat act pushed your heartbeat
When I strummed my slow, sad song

Then I made a train wreck mess
I sunk to hell and dragged you with me
I grieved my weight in coke & whiskey
I shamed my father, scared my family
When I made my train wreck mess

But when you’d sleep, you’d sing my name into your pillow
A blue note cast to calm our burning bed
Your helpless heart dreamt my voice rising up to meet you
And held the plain truth hostage in your head
See, I never raised the ransom,
I never argued over terms.
I just let you and your song lie there and burn.

Now I think long, hard thoughts
About the years I can’t return you
The truth it took too long to tell you
There’s no excuse for how I did you
When I think my long, hard thoughts